How the Daily Coffee Ritual is Harming the Environment


Do you know that you can recycle your coffee cup? Hundreds of thousands of coffee cups find their way to the landfills almost daily across the entire world. These coffee cups include both the biodegradable as well as the ones that are environmentally hazardous. Even when a cup is marked as being compostable or recyclable, the technology for doing the same turns out to be too complex for most of the recycling centers. As such, most of the countries or organizations prefer throwing them away into landfills or ocean beds. However, this tends to put a major impact on the overall health and well-being of our planet.

In most of the countries or municipalities, only the lids of the coffee cups get recycled. And in case, the coffee cup along with the lid is put together in the recycling bin, both of these have to be sent to the landfill. Most of the environmentally-conscious drinkers and supporters of sustainability are in shock when they come to know that a major portion of the coffee cups is not being recycled even after being put into respective recycling bins.

The main problem here lies with the inner lining of the cups. Most of the cups out there contain lining made of polythene or PE. This lining is provided to ensure rigidity to the cups and prevent liquid spilling from the same. This lining does not allow the cups to get decomposed easily. As such, people are looking forward to alternative options to the daily coffee habits including biodegradable paper cups, eco cups, and so more.

What does it All Mean?

Recyclable: Most of the takeaway cups cannot be recycled in most countries of the world. Thus, most of these end up in landfills. You can recycle the clean lids of the cup when removed from the cup as these are made of plastic.

Compostable: These cups have been designed to ensure the breaking down of the cups when used in compost under the exposure to UV light or high temperatures. However, still most of these are sent to the landfills.

Biodegradable: These cups usually involve the process of adding some oil-based plastic lining which usually breaks down in deprivation of oxygen.

How to Tackle the Problem?

The amount of waste generated out of coffee cups is a major concern for the overall environment. You can still deal with the problem on your end in the following manner:

  • Do not take away the plastic-based coffee cups. If possible, drink at the café.
  • Do not ask for the lid unless you need it. In case you do need a lid separately, remove the same from the cup such that it can be recycled.
  • Try carrying along your own reusable stainless steel or plastic cup.
  • Try making use of environmentally-friendly options including paper cups, eco cups, and so more

Ensure the best for the planet by making use of biodegradable paper cups.


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